- I use two boxes of Thera Tears preservative free eye drops each week because I have dry eye syndrome and Thera Tears makes the best single-use eye drops, no other eye drops works like Thera Tears single-use eye drops.

- For the last few years my eyes have been reacting to the very dry indoor air. They are fine for most of the cold season, but by mid February they start to bother me. Last year they felt scratchy so, not knowing any better, I got some generic eye drops and used that for a couple of weeks. I had to reapply a few times during the day, but the scratchy feeling would not really go away completely.

- This winter my left eye started to hurt. It was different this time. No scratchy feeling, just pain at the top of the eyeball, if that makes sense. After a couple of days I started to worry about this and was about to make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist when I remember something I had read online about "thera something" drops being truly calming. So I got a box. Well, I only had to use two of the vials. I applied two drops to each eye the first time (even though my right eye felt just fine), in the afternoon, and could feel some relief right away.

- Everyone is different, but try preservative-free TheraTears in the little vials. It is the only drop I can use. Any flavor of Optive was a nightmare. Good luck.

- They are a combination of fish oil and flax oil primarily and of course there are other ingredients in them as well but the main ingredients or sources of benefit are "the right combination of fish oil and flax oil". I think to myself everyday, wow, I was so close to saying "I'm too bad for any OTC solution. Fish oil doesn't do anything...even taking 2000mg per day. If anyone tries theratears capsules, give them a SERIOUS try. That's another thing, if I would have quit after a couple of weeks, I would have thought they were no better than fish oil.

- After Lasik surgery, both THERA TEARS and Systane continue to work best for me. Thera Tears gives you the most "bang for your buck" with respect to how much fluid each single-use container holds. (This is definitely great if you need to flush out your eye.) After Lasik, it felt like people (including my Dr's office) were pushing another product. Keeping these vials on hand were also VERY expensive! Finally it hit me to try a few different eye drop products, and THERA TEARS was one of them. I was pleasantly surprised!

- I love these eye drops! I find they are the most soothing while not leaving any feeling of residue in my eyes.

- I found TheraTears to be the most comfortable drops for my dry eyes. I use them every morning and carry them with me to use at other times. I've tried other brands but these felt best.

- Eighteen months ago, I was at a point where I could no longer look at a computer screen without my eyes literally ACHING. My vision was increasingly blurred, and reading was beyond my tolerance, other than for a few moments at a time. This was serious, serious stuff, since I'm an advanced graduate student and have several hundred pages of text to read each week! I finally couldn't tolerate the pain and went in to see my optometrist -- who discovered I had significant corneal scarring from severe dry eye syndrome. Left untreated, I was destined to lose my eyesight. I was immediately scheduled for two corneal surgeries, and I was prescribed Restasis, oil-based lubricants, and a thicker ointment for nighttime lubrication. Plus, my doctor recommended Theratears.

For months, I literally applied drops every half hour throughout the day, and I faithfully used my Restasis and took these Theratears. My reading materials were enlarged to get me through my semester as I awaited surgery. It was a scary time, and I was discouraged, wondering if this would ever improve. A specialist removed the corneal scarring, and he echoed the sentiments of my optometrist about the use of all of these lubricants AND the Theratears. "It really does make a difference," he assured me. Worse case scenario, he added that we could consider tear duct plugs, if these measures didn't help. Eighteen months later, I've cut back to once-a-day use of the Restasis, and my multiple-times daily drops are a thing of the past. I still use the night ointment, but otherwise, I rely on Theratears. If you have severe dry eye syndrome, try this. My specialist even swears by them!

- I have researched many Omega 3 suppliments and have found this one to be the best blend on the market. The blend of both flaxseed and fish oil is the secret. This is a well developed product that does exactly what it says it will. I have all of my friends and family on it and we all swear by it. It works for dry eye and so many other health issues. I highly recommend it.

-This product is a life saver. I think it really works. I wasn't sure about it until I ran out of it and couldn't find it in my local stores. My eyes became really dry and uncomfortable, even with my daily Restasis. I'm looking forward to the day when I won't need anything for my eyes, but until then I'll make sure I have enough TheraTears on hand.